Venturing Out – Emergence of Domestic Entrepreneurs in Chinese Hybrid Economy

Author: Yu-Qing Wang
Publisher: Science and Education Publication Ltd.
ISBN: 978-962-84980-9-3
Discounted Price: HK$70.0

Yuqing Wang, School of Public Administration of Beijing Renmin University of China, breaks fresh ground in the study of Chinese entrepreneurs. Her work focuses squarely on the emergence of China’s own local entrepreneurs, cultivated and nurtured by the new hybrid economy, combining the old central-planning mechanisms and new market orientation. Contents of the book include Gaps in Development Theory and Practice, Gaps in Development Theories – From Structures to Actors, Entrepreneurs and Development, Economic Reform and the Emergence of a Hybrid Economy in China, Research Design and Methodology, The Rise and Transformation of Domestic Entrepreneurs in China, and Finding An Escape From Poverty – Toward An Actor-Oriented Approach in Development Theory.