HKDSE Chemistry – Chemistry Essay 134

Author: A. Fung (馮漢榮)
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Chemistry is a highly correlated subject. Chemical knowledge is linked and correlated from topics to topics.

First, students are required to remember the basic concepts of chemistry like chemical formulae (CO32-, NH4+, Cu2+, SO42-, ……) and colors. After this, students can start to learn more difficult concepts like chemical reactions and gaining / losing electrons. However, writing essay is more demanding and challenging. This book gives you 134 high-order thinking essay questions of Chemistry. Don’t be afraid. A very good Chemistry teaching aided web site “” that can help you.


(Questions & Answers)

Section 1 Planet Earth

Section 2 Microsopic World I

Section 3 Metals

Section 4 Acids and Bases

Section 5 Fossil Fuels and Carbon Compounds

Section 6 Microsopic World II

Section 7 Redox Reactinos, Chemical Cells and Electrolysis

Section 8 Chemical Reactions and Energy

Periodic Table

How to write a good essay of chemistry?

General guideline for marking effective communication

About the Author

  1. Mr A. Fung graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (B.Sc.). His major is Chemistry and minor is Psychology. Later, he received Diploma of Education (major in Chemistry) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  2. Mr A. Fung is now chairman of Chemistry Panel in a secondary school. He was elected “the most interest-promoting teacher” in his school.
  3. Mr A. Fung has published many Chemistry reference books and study guides, including HKCEE CHEMISTRY Essay – 100, HKCEE CHEMISTRY Mock Examination Papers, Hok Yau Club CE Exam. Tutor Chemistry Paper I & II, 考言考語 – 化學篇1999、2000、2001及2004.
  4. Mr A. Fung has been the guest of HKCEE Chemistry Programme of “RTHK Radio 5” for two years.
  5. Mr A. Fung is the Editor of the famous Chemistry self-study web