Essentials of DSE Economics 1 – Microeconomics

Author: Lee Wai Choi
Publisher: Hung Fung Book Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 978-962-354-224-1
Price: HK$135.0

Paperback: 216 pages
Language: English (中文生字翻譯)
Dimension: 188mm × 265mm
Revision: 1st edition
Publish Date: Sep 2013


Essentials of DSE Economics are written in accordance with the senior secondary economics curriculum. It is designed to be a reference book that helps students build up their economics knowledge effectively and efficiently and well-prepare for the DSE examination.

Main features:

    • Its structure is similar to that of other main textbooks so that students could read this book easily.
    • Each chapter starts with an outline and objective questions, helping students develop the framework and focus on the essence before reading that chapter.
    • Completed notes are specifically written in accordance with the curriculum and past exam questions.
    • Glossary and concept map help students capture the essence again.
    • At the end of each chapter, in concept check, there are many MC and short questions designed to test students’ understanding and help them well-prepare for the coming exam.


Chapter 1 Basic Economic Concepts

Chapter 2 Basic Production Concepts

Chapter 3 Labour Supply and Division of Labour

Chapter 4 Production and Cost in Short Run and Long Run

Chapter 5 Types of Business Ownership

Chapter 6 Expansion and Integration of Firms

Chapter 7 The Objectives of Firms

Chapter 8 Market Structure

Chapter 9 Demand

Chapter 10 Supply

Chapter 11 Demand and Supply: Price Determination

Chapter 12 Price Elasticity of Demand and Supply

Chapter 13 Market Intervention

Chapter 14 Efficiency

Chapter 15 Deviations from Efficiency

Chapter 16 Efficiency and Equity


Suggested Answers to Concept Check