Basic Principles in Biology for HKDSEE Book 6 (Revised)

Author: Y. K. To
Publisher: Hung Fung Book Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 978-962-354-243-2
Price: HK$140.0

Paperback: 232 pages
Language: English (中文生字翻譯)
Dimension: 188mm × 265mm
Revision: 1st edition (Revised)
Publish Date: Sep 2015


This book aims to meet the requirements of the new Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSEE) Biology syllabus and the changes in emphasis in the examination.

The content of the curriculum consists of two parts, Compulsory and Electives. The compulsory part lays down a solid foundation of knowledge in Biology for students to fields related with Biology. The elective part widens the scope of knowledge and enables students to have choices of topics interested to them. This book covers all the Biology Part of the Combined Science (C.S.). Topics that are not included in the C.S. will be marked with a sign. Further information with advanced concepts is framed by solid lines for the more challenging students.

As in last edition this book is printed in double colours to increase the interest of reading the text and to draw attention to the important terms.

All topics of the past Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination in Biology are included in the HKDSEE. Analysis of the past papers of the HKCEE gives students an idea about the trend of topics set in the public examination. This is helpful for students to prepare for the HKDSEE.



Chapter 35 Microbiology (微生物學)

Chapter 36 Use of Microorganisms (微生物的利用)

Chapter 37 Harmful Effects of Microorganisms (微生物的害處)

Chapter 38 Biotechnology and Modern Techniques (生物工程及現代技術)

Chapter 39 Biotechnology in Medicine (生物工程在醫學上的應用)

Chapter 40 Biotechnology in Agriculture (生物工程在農業上的應用)

Chapter 41 Bioethics (生物倫理學)