Basic Principles in Biology for HKDSEE Book 4 (2nd Edition)

Author: Y. K. To
Publisher: Hung Fung Book Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 978-962-354-248-7
Price: HK$180.0

Paperback: 310 pages
Language: English (中文生字翻譯)
Dimension: 188mm × 265mm
Revision: 2nd edition
Publish Date: Oct 2017


This book aims to meet the latest requirements of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSEE) Biology Curriculum and Assessment Guide and the changes in emphasis in the examination.

The content of the curriculum consists of two parts, Compulsory and Electives. The compulsory part lays down a solid foundation of knowledge in Biology for students to fields related with Biology. The elective part widens the scope of knowledge and enables students to have choices of topics interested to them. This book covers all the Biology Section 1 of the Combined Science (C.S.). Topics that are not included in the C.S. will be marked with a sign. Further information with advanced concepts is framed by solid lines for the more challenging students.

This book is printed in double colours to increase the interest of reading the text and to draw attention to the important terms.

The inclusion of key words to study and misconceptions reinforce learning of the key words and clarifying the correct concepts of certain biological principles.  The concept map helps students build up strong links between the different concepts included in the chapter concerned.  This enables students to relate the different ideas in a more integrated way to get a whole picture of the topics.



Chapter 21 Diseases (疾病)

Chapter 22 Body Defence Mechanisms (身體防禦機制)


Chapter 23 Basic Genetics (基礎遺傳學)

Chapter 24 Molecular Genetics (分子遺傳學)

Chapter 25 Biotechnology (生物工程)

Chapter 26 Biodiversity (生物多樣性)

Chapter 27 Evolution (進化)