A Guide to Prepositions

Author: E. Ho
Publisher: Hung Fung Book Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 962-354-022-1
Price: HK$46.0


Paperback: 117 pages
Language: English
Dimension: 142mm × 210mm
Revision: 1st edition
Publish Date: Apr 1990


The idiomatic use of prepositions is one of the most difficult aspects of mastering the English Language. Even native speakers themselves sometimes find it troublesome, not to say the foreign students. The difficulties lie in several reasons. In the first place, most of the prepositions are used in so many constructions that it is difficult, perhaps even impossible, to give them clearly defined meanings. Secondly, prepositional idioms are not always logical, and appropriateness only rests on the ways they are generally and normally used. Thirdly, a problem often arises where two or more prepositions are idiomatic and interchangeable (except for a very subtle distinction in meaning). Then the user has to choose the most appropriate preposition that conveys the required meaning or effect.

This book aims at helping Chinese students to deal with the difficulties they face in the use of prepositions. It is divided into three parts. Part I discusses with full illustrations, examples and explanations of the problems in the idiomatic use of prepositions. It is followed by multiple-choice question type of exercises, helping the students to practise what has been learned in Part I, Part II intends to make the Chinese students more aware of the commonly used prepositional phrases. Lastly, Part III contains general revision exercises which would bring the students to a broader experience in this topic.


Problems and Examples 1 – 30
Exercise 1
Problems and Examples 31 – 60
Exercise 2
Problems and Examples 61 – 90
Exercise 3
Problems and Examples 91 – 120
Exercise 4
Problems and Examples 121 – 150
Exercise 5
Problems and Examples 151 – 180
Exercise 6
Problems and Examples 181 – 210
Exercise 7
Problems and Examples 211 – 240
Exercise 8
Problems and Examples 241 – 270
Exercise 9
Appendix I: Prepositional Phrases
Appendix II: Compound Prepositions
Revision Exercise 1
Revision Exercise 2
Revision Exercise 3
Revision Exercise 4
Revision Exercise 5
Revision Exercise 6